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Five IoT Predictions For 2019

I don’t need to tell you that the IoT is growing at an exponential rate. Vehicles, wearable gadgets, RFID sensors, and software are advancing past basic function and the network is growing to include even more advancements each day. I'd also bet that these advancements will be even more commonplace in our homes, businesses and on the road in 2019. Let’s take a look at five IoT predictions for the coming year and how we can anticipate their impact. IoT Prediction 1: Overall Growth Across the Board When you look up IoT market and connectivity statistics you get a range of numbers all mostly in the billions. According to IT Pro, this year alone, around 3.6 billion devices that are connected to the Internet are used for daily tasks. Meaning the total number of connected devices is bigger than that. This means more data and more traffic on an already congested connected internet. In 2019, there will likely be a bigger push for 5G Connectivity —adding a lane the congeste